Re-imagining Ġnien Bormla


As the city of Cospicua aims to expand and reduce its insularity – adopting a more sustainable way of living – the park can reflect and support this new paradigm by becoming the green lung of the area: a catalyst for the district within which it resides, while simultaneously an attractor for the broader region.

Inspired by its natural topography and the historic fortification system the site forms part of, Ġnien Bormla is here transformed to form a vital section of a sustainable network of destinations and open spaces in which the city’s landscape and ecosystem can be discovered, explored and observed.

The design’s objective is therefore not to engrave an image onto the land, but to appreciate the characteristics of the existing place, understand the energies that determine its functioning and placing the will for transformation into the pattern already defined by these existing energies. In this way, the design retains the responsibility to transform but only to the extent of enabling these forces to shape the system desired.

The interventions therefore focus on the subtly diverse territories within the site having different typological configurations, where these areas provided the opportunity to enrich their inherent character, introducing accessibility and diverse functions whilst developing a unifying vocabulary throughout the space as a whole and intervening on the surroundings of the site to enable its integration into the urban grain.

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