masterplan, brownfield site

group work, 2018

“A permeable network of multi-functional open spaces creating a stronger sense of community”


The vision for Ex- Umberto Calosso will help meet the community needs of Santa Venera through the creation of a new sustainable, intervention. Romeo Romano Gardens will be integrated with the core area through holistic master planning and shared design aspiration. The interventions on the Ex-Umberto Calosso site will bring new life into this part of the village. People can easily walk to this new town centre, and within the site local facilities, green spaces and the new open spaces will be accessible to both existing and potential communities. The layout and density of the built environment will be designed to protect the amenity of those already living in Santa Venera. New open spaces within Ex-Umberto Calosso will influence the style of buildings and help integrate new homes into the landscape, creating an effective transition from the urban core of Santa Venera to the new city centre.

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