The given brief was to detail a section of the group masterplan project; where the proposal tackled the open space in the centre, the street section of the main road and the Youth Inc block containing the retained structure of the old brewery.

Open space

The main objective of the vision was to create a place for the community, so the research began by looking into the demographics of the town to understand who the space should be intended for and what kind of activities it should support; where providing spaces dedicated for different activities but versatile enough to be adapted to different uses was important. With Malta’s scarce rainfall it is important that the spaces are also functional throughout the year and different seasons.

Triq Il-Kbira San Ġużepp


The objectives were to lessen car priority, creating more of a shared space to lessen car pedestrian conflict. and integrate the aqueducts and the front garden of Casa Leoni into the streetscape in a way where they are given importance and create more visual interest to the streetscape.


Agenzija Zagħzagħ Building

For the massing, the structure of the old brewery was retained; where it was important to safeguard the view of the tower block which has become a local landmark visible from surrounding areas. For this reason, the massing formed in a stepping formation, with terraces integrating the new extension so that users have a clear view of the tower within the space. In this way the massing also works with the levels we created by lowering the central space, using this as a vantage point as one enters through the building at a higher level, looking outwards through the atrium out to the piazza.The atrium within the building acts as a transitional area within the building connecting the street level to the open space but it can serve as a smaller more private intimate gathering place for smaller groups of students. The positioning of the lobby, being able to see through to the main open space would expose them to the activity generated outside and act in a way to create a connection between what is happening outside to the activity in the building. 

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